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A Big Thanks to Bill Gates

You all know theres a lot of things we do these days are using such as great technology.The most common things that are very usefull and used by so many people is computer.I'm talking about a lot of things in it that we use to do such things like doing homework,searching information, etc. Yes, its Microsoft.

 We often given some assignment from school that must requires some application like microsoft word, misrosoft power point, misrosoft excel, etc. all of those things are very usefull for me personally to done my assignment.

For searching information,we often use google. And the browser such as mozila and google chrome. But all of those things exist because the main operation system. It is Microsoft
Thats all wouldnt exist without the hardwork of a great thinker, Bill Gates. He is such a great person who makes a lot things we do easier. He plays a major role in the development of information technology. He is the reason why we can use internet and games we often use today. He…
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Aspiration day

Aspiration day is a day where we could express our aspiration about the school(SMA 3). It could be critic,complaint, or suggestion. There is two part of aspiration day. The first part is the festival and the second part is Lapas(Laporan Pertanggungjawaban aspirasi) that is now known as Kilas 3.

This year, the festival part has some performance.Theres a perform from Musik Klasik 3 and There is a stand up comedy competition. I'm pretty entertained with the stand up comedy, even though theres some lame jokes that made the situation pretty awkward. Theres two candidate thats more outstanding than the others. They're kang Fikri and kang Faikar. I prefer kang Faikar because I can get his jokes. At the end, the winner was announced. And the winner is kang Faikar. That was a funny day.

The day after the festival day is Kilas 3. That is a day where the students of SMAN 3 could express their aspiration directly to school and get the follow up directly from school. Theres two delegation …

crossword puzzle

Horizontal: 1. For carrying things 2. See (verb 2) 3. More 4. Amunition 5. Sardines packaging 6. Pocket 7. Trash can 8. King's symbol 9. For walking 10. Plant 11. For parking cars, bikes, etc. 12. Denial 17. The creator
Vertical: 1. Throwing ball sport 8. Pay attention 9. X-men 13. Rush 14. Victory 15. Fire 16. The leader of the country 17. .... Lantern

Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake is located on Lawu Mountain Slope,Plaosan districts in east Java.It's my holiday in 2010,on my semester holiday.I went there with my big family.We get there by car,more than one car.We did a convoy.That's not actually our only destination.We visited a lot of city before we got into our main destination,Sarangan.
We visited Yogyakarta,Magelang, and the city we passed on the way to Sarangan.But,I'm just gonna tell you about my holiday when I already arrived to Sarangan Lake.
It's a very beautiful lake.The weather is so cold,the scenery was amazing.
On the first day we arrived,we get rest in a villas,because it is a pretty long trip.
On the next day,we ride horses there.We ride around the lake,we enjoyed the view so much.
What I really love in this place is the rabbit satay.Thats a very delicious food.
The next day,we went to a waterfall by riding horses.But,near the waterfall,we didn't ride horses,but we get there by walking.I don't know whats the n…

Muhammad al fatih: the Conqueror of Constantinople

Prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad uttered when the Battle of the Trench actually became reality on Tuesday, May 29, 1453. Constantinople was previously controlled by the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) considered as the safest and the most secure because it has the strongest fortress in the world. But apparently, the world’s strongest city conquered by troops under the command of a man named Sultan Muhammad Khan. Since then, Muhammad Khan was given the title of Al Fatih (the Liberator) and is known in the West as Mehmed the Conqueror.
Muhammad Al Fatih (1431 – 1481 AD), the son of Sultan Murad II, sultan who ruled the Ottoman Empire since the year 1451 AD. As a child, Muhammad Al Fatih was spoiled and lazy learning. But Muhammad Al Fatih began seriously studied after his father brought some teachers such as Shaykh Ahmad ibn Ismail al-Kurani, Sheikh Aag Syamsudin, and others. From them, Muhammad Al Fatih studied religion, language, skills, physical geography, astronomy, and history. Muh…

Place I Want To Visit

Hello readers..
I wanna tell you about the place that I'm really interested to visit.


The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a remote detachment of  edward air force Base , within the Nevada Test and Training Range. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct names for the facility are Homey Airport (ICAO: KXTA) and Groom Lake,though the name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War.Other names used for the facility include Dreamland,and nicknamesParadise Ranch,Home Base and Watertown.The special use airspace around the field is referred to as Restricted Area 4808 North.

The biggest factor that makes Area 51 such a subject of intrigue for many is the secrecy that surrounds the base. Anyone with military experience – or not for that matter – can understand why military weapons and aircraft testing and development need to be kept a secret by the United States government; however, many people construe this secrecy to …

Story Telling

Hello readers..
Today my friends,Arjun,Maisa,and Dara told me some story.So,I will tell you the moral value of each story that my friends told me.
I'm myself,told a story about the three little pigs.The moral value of my story is that if we work hard,we will get a good result in the end.

The first story,was from my friends Dara.The title is Princess Rose and The Golden bird.
The moral value of this story is that we musn't give up on condition.There must be solutions for every problem.

The second story was from my friend Arjun.The tittle was The Foolish Donkey.
The moral value of this story is that we shouldn't cheat in doing tasks,because we will get the impact for everything we did.

The last story is from my friends Maisa.The tittle was Thumbelina.
The moral value of this story is that we will meet our soulmate one day.

Well,thats all from me,hope you'll get the benefit from the moral value of the story my friends told..
See ya..